David Ferguson

Oct 7

Timestamps Extensions

Timestamps Extenstion


Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. The Powerpack is a set of incredibly powerful features, built on top of the robust core of Alfred. Deeply integrated with OS X, it will make you more productive than ever!

About This Extension

Simple extension that helps convert or create timestamps. When provided with a timestamp, it will return a human readable date/time. When provided a date/time or a relative time string, returns the timestamp for that time.

How To Use This Extension

Use: timestamp <input>
Example: timestamp now - returns current timestamp
Example: timestamp 1318002841 - returns human readable date/time for the timestamp
Example: timestamp 10/5/2011 17:15:36 - returns timestamp for date/time
Example: timestamp +26 minutes - returns timestamp for time 26 minutes from now. 


Download Timestamps Extension

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