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Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. The Powerpack is a set of incredibly powerful features, built on top of the robust core of Alfred. Deeply integrated with OS X, it will make you more productive that ever!

What is AlfredTweet?

AlfredTweet is a new way to interact with Twitter via Alfred. The previous method of using console_tweet, while sufficient for some, proved to be a little daunting for some users, especially if you didn’t already have the developer tools installed that were required to build it. AlfredTweet provides a simple extension to interact with Twitter including: 

  • Sending tweets
  • Sending direct messages
  • Following/unfollowing
  • Blocking/unblocking
  • View timeline, mentions.
  • and more …

Setting Up AlfredTweet

This was the most important area. If I couldn’t make this dead simple, it might as well have not been done at all. I made setup a two step process. Step one, authenticate to Twitter. Step two, enter your pin number. Setup is done this way so that you are assured I’m not doing anything tricky with your username and password. You are authenticating to Twitter, not me/the extension. This extension requires Growl for all functions to work properly. Growl is required for using a lot of this extensions functionality.

To setup AlfredTweet, install the extension (of course), and then in Alfred, type ‘tw setup’ and press Enter. A browser window will open and you will authenticate to Twitter. After authentication, Twitter will give you a pin number. Copy this pin number. Then in Alfred, type ‘tw pin <your pin number>’. Do not include the <>’s around the pin number. You will see a message that the extension is authenticating to Twitter, and then a confirmation message informing you when the extension is ready.

Whats new in 1.4:

  • #NowPlaying! - Tweet your current playing song from Rdio, iTunes, Ecoute, or Spotify
  • Rename commands.
  • Improved reset command
  • Added follower account to user info
  • Show tweeted message on success

How to use

AlfredTweet’s commands are pretty simple and self explanatory. Here they are:

  • tw setup - Initiate setup
  • tw pin <pin number> - Save pin number
  • tw <tweet> - Send new tweet
  • tw tweets - List the last 5 tweets in your home timeline
  • tw mentions - List your last 5 mentions
  • tw dm <user> <text> - Send a direct message to the specified user
  • tw info <user> - Look up user info
  • tw follow <user> - Follow specified user
  • tw unfollow <user> - Unfollow specified user
  • tw create <name> - Create a new list
  • tw delete <name> - Delete the specified list
  • tw lists - Display all lists
  • tw add <user> <list> - Add user to list
  • tw remove <user> <list> - Remove user from list
  • tw block <user> - Block the specified user
  • tw unblock <user> - Unblock the specified user
  • tw search <term> - Search Twitter for the specified term (results in Growl)
  • tw split <on/off> - Turn off tweet splitting
  • tw playing - Tweet current song
  • tw set <command> <new> - Change command keyword. See below for command list
  • tw reset - Reset all authentication info


Download AlfredTweet 1.4

More Extensions

For more of my extensions and many others, check out the new Alfred Support site.

Command List:

Use these keywords to set the corresponding command keyword.

  • tweets_command
  • mentions_command
  • dm_command
  • info_command
  • follow_command
  • unfollow_command
  • create_command
  • delete_command
  • lists_command
  • add_command
  • remove_command
  • block_command
  • unblock_command
  • search_command
  • playing_command

Use these command names with the “set” command to change the keyword for that command. For instance, to change the keyword for the “Now Playing” function to play, you wold type “tw set playing_command play”.

Setting a hotkey to Now Playing:

To set a hotkey to the Now Playing feature, go to Alfred’s Hotkey tab, create a new hotkey, type will be Extension->Shell Script. Then on the right side, choose the AlfredTweet extension, and set the Argument value to the keyword for the Now Playing feature. If you haven’t changed this keyword with the set command, it will be “playing” as shown in the preview below.