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Wunderlist for Alfred


Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. The Powerpack is a set of incredibly powerful features, built on top of the robust core of Alfred. Deeply integrated with OS X, it will make you more productive that ever!


Wunderlist for Alfred is a simple little extension that provides very basic interaction with Wunderlist for Mac. At this point, the only functionality that exists in this extension is adding new tasks to the Inbox list, and listing tasks in Wunderlist. I’ve been talking back and forth with some of the developers at Wunderlist and have decided that it is probably best to leave it simple for now. Hopefully the guys at 6Wunderkinder will release an API soon and I will be able to stretch this extension out some. The reason the extension is so limited right now is because of the lack of a 3rd party interface to Wunderlist. To get this extension to work at all, I’m simply editing their local database file.

How to use

Wunderlist for Alfred’s commands are pretty simple and self explanatory. Here they are:

  • wl <text> - Creates a new task in Wunderlist
  • wl tasks - Lists all tasks in the Inbox list
  • wl all tasks - Lists all tasks in all lists
  • wl - No parameter list all tasks in all lists. This requires Alfred 1.0 pre-release or newer.


Download Wunderlist for Alfred

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