David Ferguson


Gtwthr update..

I’ve been working on rewriting Gtwthr, the weather service I was hosting to provide easy weather data to GeekTool users. Gtwthr was unfortunately shut down at the beginning on November when Weather.com decided to begin charging obscene amounts of money for access to their weather API. For Gtwthr to have continued the way it was would have required a ~$600/mo payment to weather.com, plus my hosting fees, which were constantly going up due to excessive traffic resulting from users being too lazy to read how to set it up correctly.

The next iteration of Gtwthr will be released to the public. I will be distributing the source code on Github or another location for users to download and set up themselves. Then more users can set ip up for personal use if they want, or could open it up to other users if they so choose.

Watch here for updates on the progress. Hopefully I can release it in the next week or so, depending on how much customization I add into it. The core functionality is currently there. I think I am going to go back and add somewhat of an admin interface to it.