David Ferguson

Jul 8

Alfred 0.9.9 Scripts, Now Available.

With the early dev release of Alfred 0.9.9 coming this afternoon I decided I would go ahead and share the rest of the scripts that I’ve made lately. Most of the scripts do require Alfred 0.9.9 because of the new built in Growl support. Each script will have a description and usage info and examples in the textarea once imported.

If you guys have any other suggestions for scripts, let me know. If you come up with something cool of your own, throw me a link to it on Twitter (@jdfwarrior).

Alfred 0.9.9 Scripts [Updated with new extension]

Create Symbolic Link [link]
Result action that creates a symbolic link to the selected item.

Down For Everyone or Just Me? [link]
Checks downforeveryoneorjustme.com to determine if a site is down. 
UPDATED: I used short open tags in the php script which caused it to not work properly on some machines. Fixed.

Facebook Status (requires FBCMD) [link]
Updates your Facebook status.

eBay Checker [link]
Provides item information from eBay

Flush DNS [link]
Flushes DNS cache

Lipsum Text [link]
Retrieves lipsum text from Lipsum.com and copies it to your clipboard automatically

Local Weather Conditions [link]
Displays local weather conditions via Growl. Get your weather location ID from weather.com or Gtwthr.com (setup page). Need metric units? In the script, change METRIC=false, to METRIC=true

Create DMG [link]
Result action that creates a DMG image from the selected folder

Create Reminder [link]
Creates a reminder for the specified time (not persistant through reboots)

Package Tracker [link] (May be broken in new version, working on it..)
Tracks packages via packagetrackr.com and displays information via Growl

PHP Function Syntax Checker [link] (May be broken in new version, working on it..)
Retrieves PHP function information from PHP.net and displays result via Growl

Get External IP Address [link]
Retrieves your external ip address, copies it to the clipboard, and displays it via Growl

Show System Files [link]
Shows all system files and restarts Finder

Hide System Files [link]
Hides all system files and restarts Finder

Wolfram Alfa Query [link]
Queries Wolfram Alpha and displays the plaintext result via Growl

Zip Folder [link]
Result action that creates a zip file from the selected item and places it on the desktop.
UPDATED: Now has ability to create archives with folders with spaces in the name. Long explanation of why it didn’t work. It’s fixed now.

Fantastical [link]
Applescript that lets you quickly pass new events into Fantastical

Alfred Ignore [link]
Got some pesky file showing up in Alfred that you don’t want to see? Use this result action to make Alfred ignore it. Sets Spotlight comment of the file to alfred:ignore

Rename File [link]
Rename the selected file. Kind of a hack job for now, uses Applescript to prompt for a new file name, but it works.

Create New File [link]  (May be broken in new version, working on it..)
Creates a new file in the selected folder. Similar to the above extension as it uses Applescript to prompt for a new file name, but it works for now.

Google Finance [link]
Checks Google Finance for stock data. Updated 8/24/2011. No longer need the extra ‘A’ in the front to find a symbol. I don’t know what that was about?